New disc!!!

Cover Helsinki

a new album is out 🙂
the output of a very fruitful collaboration with Andrea Mancianti.
In the last year and a half Andrea and I met around Europe to jam and slowly build some music.
We are now presenting our first album, Helsinki, from the place where these ideas gushed out.
Thanks to all the people and institutions that made this trip possible: Vera Vehkasalo, Bruna Esperi, Alessandro Rorato, Carola Haupt, Stefano Spinelli, Murate Art District , SKR Finnish Cultural Foundation, Aalto University, KCB and VUB.
And a deep thank to Andrea, for all the music and the enriching exchange.
Feel free to listen to the free preview of the tracks or to support us by buying part of the album 🙂
With joy, for you: “a few minutes to silence”.
(click on the image to go to the Bandcamp page)


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