New disc!!!

Cover Helsinki

a new album is out 🙂
the output of a very fruitful collaboration with Andrea Mancianti.
In the last year and a half Andrea and I met around Europe to jam and slowly build some music.
We are now presenting our first album, Helsinki, from the place where these ideas gushed out.
Thanks to all the people and institutions that made this trip possible: Vera Vehkasalo, Bruna Esperi, Alessandro Rorato, Carola Haupt, Stefano Spinelli, Murate Art District , SKR Finnish Cultural Foundation, Aalto University, KCB and VUB.
And a deep thank to Andrea, for all the music and the enriching exchange.
Feel free to listen to the free preview of the tracks or to support us by buying part of the album 🙂
With joy, for you: “a few minutes to silence”.
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Mozarteum Salzburg!

In Salzburg, presenting “Rhopophony” with the marvelous Lucia D’Errico!
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Forêt nom féminin

My first full work as a sound creator is out :)
“Forêt nom féminin” is a piece in six movements inspired by the homonymous book by Jérôme de Vienne, published by ISTI MIRANT STELLA in 2021 and the website, an ongoing conversation between Diana Duta and Jérôme de Vienne about translation, the infinite permutations of language, a less-than-human word, an errant narrative of many voices, above all a labyrinthine and obscure research method.
The process, following the six scores found on the website, is based on the collection of different elements and fragments (through field recording) and their recombination (through editing and mixing) in order to build a sense of landscape and a narrative which traverses it from within.
Special thanks to Diana Duta for involving me in this beautiful project.
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Forêt nom féminin

Collaboration with Andrea Mancianti

In the last weeks I had the possibility to continue working with Andrea Mancianti, an Italian composer, sound artist and guitarist based in Helsinki.
Our collaboration started last summer in Florence, thanks to a residency at Murate Art District, allowing us to explore territories of co-creation. 
We met again recently in Helsinki and after a 10 days residency we were able to finally present the current state of our co-compositional effort.
Here the video of the full performance at Muu Galleria in Helsinki.

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Tracer le souffle

The first collaborative piece born from my PhD research is out!
“Tracer le souffle”, by Martin Loridan.
Enjoy my expanded accordion and the echo of its breathing and beating.
Thanks to all the people and institutions who made this possible:
– Martin, for the flourishing collaboration;
– Maarten Stragier for the guide and constant insight;
Ictus, for the spectacular venue;
– David Giacomelli and Mattia Di Falco for the shooting;
– Thomas Purcaro Decaro for the editing and color grading
Pigini for my beautiful instrument;
Smog and Vera Cavallin for the help during the rehearsals process;
Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel and VUB for supporting my research;
– Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles – Administration Générale de la Culture – Service de la Musique, for the precious funding.

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tracer le souffle



Luigi Nono (1924-1990)
La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura (1988)
madrigale per più “caminantes”

Marco Fusi — violon
Pierluigi Billone 
— diffusion électronique
Fanny Gaudin et Luca Piovesan 
— sonorisation et enregistrement
Martin Rautenstrauch 
— scénographie et lumière


Polyphonic Performance Spaces – presentation

On Feb 15th 2021 Martin Loridan and I gave the first presentation on our collaboration, hosted by the festival Polyphonic Performance Spaces at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel.
Martin has been researching on the theme of “le souffle” (the breathe) since several years at the University of Leeds, and his interests crossed my research on co-composition for accordion and pedalboards.
Here the full program of the festival and below the video of the talk:



Live presentation with Martin Loridan on Monday 15th at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel

Luca Piovesan accordion&pedalboards
On Monday 15th in the morning I will be presenting the first output of a beautiful collaboration with Martin Loridan (PhD candidate at Leeds University), on my new setup for accordion and pedalboards.
“Collaborative Composition for a Black Box” is the first artistic output of my research on this peculiar setup.
You can listen to the presentation (and the premiere of the piece!) in streaming or…even LIVE if you are based in Bruxelles!!!! There are a few seats available, and it would be lovely to have real people in front of us!!


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