Promenade Sauvage

My long lasting collaboration with guitarist Maarten Stragier, exploring contemporary music, collaborative creation processes, research and free improvisation.

With Maarten Stragier on the guitar and me on the accordion, Promenade Sauvage is an unusual duo with extraordinary sonic reach. At the heart of our endeavor lies an unyielding commitment to sharing the creative energy of a fresh musical generation. Our projects are built on close collaborations with talented composers. The music we play is tailored to the duo in an invigorating exchange of ideas, and rehearsed with extreme dedication.

Promenade Sauvage has performed at venues such as Music@VillaRomana (Florence), Sound of Wander (Milan), Composit (Rieti), Boston Guitarfest, New England Conservatory (USA), Smog (Brussels).

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