A few minutes to silence

Duo exploring the boundaries of writing and improvisation

with Andrea Mancianti

In the middle of the pandemic Andrea and I embarked on a quest exploring ways to play, compose and improvise together, that would be felt shared in spite of our “traditionally” different roles of performer and composer. Through a series of residences (in Florence, Helsinki, Spoleto, Bruxelles), we developed and recorded a few ideas. Roughly one and a half years after we started, we are happy to present the first record (of what would hopefully turn out as a small series), condensing our time together in Helsinki in 2021.

The new album “Fogliano”, recorded in Spoleto, is already mastered and will be published very soon!

Thanks to everyone that made this collaboration possible: Bruna Esperi, Veera Vehkasalo, Alessandro Rorato, Alex Fostier, Carola Haupt, Stefano Spinelli, Murate Art District, Koneen Säätiö – Kone Foundation, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Aalto University, KCB and VUB.