Forêt nom féminin

My first full work as a sound creator is out :)
“Forêt nom féminin” is a piece in six movements inspired by the homonymous book by Jérôme de Vienne, published by ISTI MIRANT STELLA in 2021 and the website, an ongoing conversation between Diana Duta and Jérôme de Vienne about translation, the infinite permutations of language, a less-than-human word, an errant narrative of many voices, above all a labyrinthine and obscure research method.
The process, following the six scores found on the website, is based on the collection of different elements and fragments (through field recording) and their recombination (through editing and mixing) in order to build a sense of landscape and a narrative which traverses it from within.
Special thanks to Diana Duta for involving me in this beautiful project.
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Forêt nom féminin

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