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Luca Piovesan is a 37 years old accordionist based in Bruxelles. He also received degrees in Italian Literature and audio engineering. He performed all around the world (Harvard University, Bayreuther Festspiele, Konzerthaus Wien, Tokyo Opera City Hall). He focuses on the extreme possibilities of accordion in contemporary music experimenting in cooperation with lots of composers and performing new pieces. He’s exploring also different repertoires and stages (theatre, klezmer, free improvisation, chamber music) in order to improve his expression tools. His stakes on this path are his discs, articles, lectures and the project “accordion4composers”.

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Luca Piovesan was born in 1982 in Italy and is currently based in Bruxelles. His principal teachers have been Elio Boschello and Claudio Jacomucci, and he graduated with honors from Conservatory in Milan. He graduated also in Italian Literature at the University of Venezia.

Luca focuses on the many possibilities of the accordion in contemporary music, cooperating with composers and performers. He also explores different repertoires and stages (theatre, klezmer, free improvisation, chamber, and orchestral music) in order to improve his expressive tools and thus brings the freshness and energy of his kaleidoscopic instrument to the listener.

He has performed at Konzerthaus Wien, Bayreuther Festspiele, Harvard University, Berklee College of Music, Boston University, Mata Festival, Tokyo Opera City Hall, Opera de Lille (France), Musical weeks in Lugano, Teatro la Fenice (Venezia), Teatro Massimo (Palermo), Bozar (Bruxelles), University of Timisoara (Romania)

He has worked with Ictus Ensemble, Ex Novo Ensemble, Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto, Ensemble L’arsenale (Treviso), Metropolis Ensemble (New York), Acme Ensemble (New York), Ecce Ensemble (Boston), Neue Vocalsolisten (Stuttgart).

He is a researcher at the Conservatory of Bruxelles.

He teaches accordion at the Conservatorio “Stanislao Giacomantonio” in Cosenza, and he has given lectures at Boston University, University of Timisoara, Berklee College of Music, Festival Composit, Conservatorio di Padova, and Conservatorio di Venezia, introducing his project [accordion4composers], a free PDF book with audio samples intended to explain to composers how to write for accordion.

With the Belgian guitarist Maarten Stragier he is at the wheel of Promenade Sauvage, an uncommon duo with a colorful and wide sonic output.

His latest discs are published by Col Legno (“Sul Tasto”, solo accordion) and Stradivarius (“Novus”, ensemble Ex Novo).

He is also a refined audio engineer and artistic director, respected for his ability of tailoring sounds to the needs of the performers. At his BlowOutStudio he has worked for the labels Kairos, Stradivarius, Col Legno, Acte Préalable, as well as artists Dejan Bogdanovic, Pierluigi Billone, Stefano Gervasoni, Marco Fusi, Anna d’Errico, Fanny Vicens, Claudio Jacomucci, Mauricio Pauly, Santiago Díez-Fischer, and many others.

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Luca Piovesan è nato nel 1982 a Treviso e vive a Bruxelles. I sui insegnanti principali sono stati Elio Boschello e Claudio Jacomucci. Si è diplomato in fisarmonica al conservatorio “Verdi” di Milano con il massimo dei voti ed è laureato in Lettere presso l’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia. 

Luca è uno specialista delle molte possibilità espressive della fisarmonica nel panorama della musica contemporanea, collaborando spesso con compositori e performers. Esplora inoltre altri repertori e palcoscenici (teatro, klezmer, improvvisazione libera, musica da camera ed orchestrale) per arricchire la propria tavolozza espressiva, portando così la freschezza e l’energia del suo caleidoscopico strumento all’ascoltatore.

Numerosi e prestigiosi i suoi palchi e le sue collaborazioni: Konzerthaus Wien, Bayreuther Festspiele, Harvard University, Berklee College of Music, Boston University, Mata Festival NY, Tokyo Opera City Hall, Opera di Lille, Settimane Musicali di Lugano, Teatro la Fenice (Venezia), Teatro Massimo (Palermo), Ictus Ensemble (Bruxelles), Ex Novo Ensemble (Venezia), Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto, Ensemble L’arsenale (Treviso), Metropolis Ensemble (New York), Acme Ensemble (New York); Ecce Ensemble (Boston), Neue Vocalsolisten (Stuttgart), Villa Romana (Firenze), Bozar (Bruxelles).

È ricercatore presso il Conservatorio di Bruxelles.

È docente di fisarmonica presso il conservatorio “Stanislao Giacomantonio” di Cosenza, e ha tenuto lectures presso il Conservatorio di Padova, la Boston University, il festival Composit a Rieti, L’università di Timisoara in Romania e il Conservatorio di Venezia, presentando il suo progetto [accordion4composers], un libro digitale con files audio che illustra dettagliatamente ai compositori come approcciarsi alla scrittura per questo strumento.

Ha finora contribuito alla creazione di 100 nuovi lavori per fisarmonica, eseguendoli in pubblico e registrandoli nei suoi numerisi dischi da solista e in ensemble.

Assieme al chitarrista belga Maarten Stragier forma il duo Promenade Sauvage, un duo che in un formato tascabile racchiude una incredibile resa sonora e coloristica.

I suoi ultimi dischi sono pubblicati da Col Legno (“Sul Tasto”, solista) e Stradivarius (“Novus”, ensemble Ex Novo).

È attivo e stimato anche come tecnico del suono presso il suo BlowOutStudio.  Ha lavorato per etichette come Kairos, Stradivarius, Col Legno, Acte Préalable, e con gli artisti Dejan Bogdanovic, Pierluigi Billone, Stefano Gervasoni, Marco Fusi, Anna d’Errico, Fanny Vicens, Claudio Jacomucci, Mauricio Pauly, Santiago Díez-Fischer e molti altri.

Upcoming events

30th November 2019

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Bruxelles – Belgium)

Concert with Promenade Sauvage

25th November 2019

Liceo di Feltre (Belluno – Italy)

Concert “Shifting cities” with Promenade Sauvage

23rd November 2019

Teatro San Carlo  (Modena – Italy), 8.30 pm

“Amici della Musica di Modena”

Concert “Shifting cities” with Promenade Sauvage

22nd November 2019

Salotto Musicale FVG (Udine – Italy), 9pm

Concert “Shifting cities” with Promenade Sauvage





Please listen to my latest disc “Sul Tasto” published by Col Legno by clicking on this cover:

sul Tasto Luca Piovesan col legno




Dear composers writing for accordion and accordion lovers, this book and all of the audio samples it are totally free. Simply save the book on to your computer desktop and enjoy!
To obtain the audio samples, please write me at and you will receive an invitation to the download page. I will only use your e-mail addresses for a newsletter on [accordion4composers] updates. If you do not want to receive any emails, just let me know.
This work is protected by a Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.5.
You are free to download, study, print, and share (please do!) this work, but REMEMBER:

You must always attribute this work to me;

You may not use this work for commercial purposes;

You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

Notes on recordings:
I recorded all audio samples with 2 microphones in stereo position with coincident capsules, one meter far from my accordion in frontal position.
There is no added compression or volume changes between takes, just a bit of added reverb.
So the difference in volume between a fortissimo cluster and the pianissimo air sound is proportional to the live experience.
My purpose was to give you a clean sound from a frontal position, not an artificial studio-balanced sound.
I would very much appreciate the following:

Send feedback to help me update this book, and I will take your suggestions  into consideration on next release.

If you enjoy this work please consider buying one or more tracks from my last album published by Col Legno. This work is the culmination of hundreds of hours thinking, writing and recording, and years of experience. I would be very grateful for your help.

Lastly, spread the word to your composer and musician friends!

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1) Luca Piovesan – Sul tasto (2014), Col Legno (accordion solo)

sul Tasto Luca Piovesan col legno

Seven new pieces for contemporary accordion by Yotam Haber, Lorenzo Troiani, Nildo Sanvido, Alberto La Rocca, Davide Ianni, Gabriel Mãlãncioiu and Filippo Perocco.

“A musician may get to know his or her instrument beyond the point of technical brilliance, turn its operating principles into music and inspiration. Expression burrows deep into the mechanics, allowing it to become part of the music regardless of any musical notation. The performer thus also acts on behalf of the apparatus, and the balance between composition, interpretation and instrument becomes perfect. The Italian accordionist Luca Piovesan has the skill to create these states, and the seven pieces on this album, which have been written specifically for him, are strong proof of this. The composers have addressed the manifold possibilities offered by the accordion, and have each chosen individual approaches to working with the instrument: Yotam Haber builds up to a frenzy of speed, a moment of ecstasy, Lorenzo Troiani musically compares the bellows with lungs, Nildo Sanvido challenges our standard concept of the accordion as an instrument, Davide Ianni lets the accordion reflect to itself, Alberto la Rocca portraits with sounds and gaps artists from another genre, Gabriel Mãlãncioiu works with opposites balancing each other out, and Filippo Perocco, whose composition provides the title for this album, demands precision from the performer and from the instrument. Enjoy!”

2) Ensemble Ex Novo – Novus (2017), Stradivarius


In-sight on Alessandro Solbiati’s music. Contains “Dieci Pezzi”, ten pieces for accordion, two violins and cello.

3) Luca Piovesan – Musica Ricercata (2010), BlowoutRecords (accordion solo)

musica ricercata

My first solo cd. Music by Moszkowski, Scarlatti, Taktakishvily, Schnittke, Ligeti, Zolotaryov, Makkonen and Kurtàg.

Listen to and buy it on


“Luca Piovesan plays exceedingly well. This recording is one of those which should be made available in music libraries around the world for composers and accordionists to hear and study, performed by an excellent accordionist.” (

“Remarkable accordionist Luca Piovesan, with an amazing solo program. Piovesan played excitingly. The piece was extremely predatory and Piovesan should receive the congratulations of having the full control in this maddening scenario” (No.14plusminus – Romania)

“Il fisarmonicista Luca Piovesan, trentenne in possesso di un dominio formidabile dello strumento, esegue da par suo tutte le virtuosistiche pagine contemporanee di questo affascinante disco” (Internazionale)

“Una parabola interpretativa di eccellente controllo tecnico e duttilità espressiva del giovane fisarmonicista.” (Veneziamusica e dintorni)

“Convincente prova discografica di Luca Piovesan. In questo compito, assolutamente arduo, la fisarmonica incontra alcune geniali idee di sfruttamento delle proprie capacità di strumento” (Suonare News)

“Un interprete del quale risentiremo presto parlare” (Blow Up)

“Un interprete d’eccezione” (Il Giornale della Musica)

Luca Piovesan, trentenne in possesso di un dominio formidabile dello strumento, esegue da par suo tutte le virtuosistiche pagine contemporanee di questo affascinante disco (

“Luca Piovesan, interprete musicale di grande originalità e fisarmonicista di sorprendenti doti, porta la soglia espressiva della fisarmonica quasi oltre l’immaginabile. La sua musicalità totale trova piena espressione in “Sul Tasto”. Grazie all’arte musicale coraggiosa e consapevole di Luca Piovesan, interprete sensibile e libero” (Il Gazzettino)

“L’arsenale gave a robust performance” (The New York Times)

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