Tracer le souffle

The first collaborative piece born from my PhD research is out!
“Tracer le souffle”, by Martin Loridan.
Enjoy my expanded accordion and the echo of its breathing and beating.
Thanks to all the people and institutions who made this possible:
– Martin, for the flourishing collaboration;
– Maarten Stragier for the guide and constant insight;
Ictus, for the spectacular venue;
– David Giacomelli and Mattia Di Falco for the shooting;
– Thomas Purcaro Decaro for the editing and color grading
Pigini for my beautiful instrument;
Smog and Vera Cavallin for the help during the rehearsals process;
Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel and VUB for supporting my research;
– Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles – Administration Générale de la Culture – Service de la Musique, for the precious funding.

(click on the image for the video)

tracer le souffle


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