Sound artist

I am more and more fascinated by the creation of my own sonic world… it has been some sort of natural step from performed music and the work in the recording studio… to some entirely new pieces of music.

Sometimes I work on field recording. Here I recorded a night tram to Venice, and was fascinated by its singing melody, which slowly inspired some accordion work on top of it. “Leaving”, as my departure from Venice, but also as “letting go”.

Field recording and mixing real life sounds have been central also for the project al-te-ri-ta developed with Bruna Esperi (cultural manager and community mediator) for the collection “Ti do la mia parola” curated by Butik Collective.

Image is a very helpful inspiration. I have been called by Secco Sistemi, a leading Italian brand in the production of integrated systems for doors, windows and shutters, to compose the soundtrack for three videos. They gave me absolute artistic freedom.
The idea for the first video was to paint the poetry of the production machine, from its sleeping night, to the dawn, until the end of the day. The music is co-composed from the duo Promenade Sauvage, with Maarten Stragier at the electric guitar.

The second video is about the genesis of the product:

The last video is about the sacrifice of the steel. Trying to sing the poetry of the metal being shaped.